Monday, 9 July 2012


Random selected images from Ricky Adam's photo-book DESTROYING EVERYTHING. More info HERE

BAIL-BOND: Ricky Adam photography

A few initial shots from the BAIL-BOND and SSS 'secret' show this past weekend. I feel privileged to have Ricky Adam come over and shoot for us. We have known Ricky since the very late 80's when Jailcell Recipes (previous incarnation of Bail-Bond) travelled to Ireland to play gigs organised by The Belfast Music Collective. It's a nice feeling to be surrounded by people who have a shared history with the band.
Ricky is an outstanding photographer, completely in tune with the subject matter. He's made a name for himself shooting BMX and has an art book DESTROYING EVERYTHING that has just about sold out it's first edition. If you fancy a copy.....happy hunting....he's also thinking about printing a second run.