Thursday, 15 March 2012


Tomorrow night in Liverpool! Friday 16th March..... I got two features in this issue!
If you are in town or nearby....get on over...we got the new mag, shirts, live bands, great DJ's and pre and after-parties at Fids house

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Better late than's a project I did last summer during the six months or so I wasn't blogging.
The idea was to make a life-size Mannequin of Frank Sidebottom to help raise awareness of the Statue Fund to raise money for a bronze statue in Timperley village (6 feet outside Manchester)

 I took Franks head (there is only one in existence) to CNC ROBOTICS where I do freelance set building for their sister company LIVERPOOL SCENIC WORKSHOPS. They kindly 3D scanned the head and then machined a polystyrene replica for me to use as a base to create the head.
I sealed the polystyrene with pva glue and the painstakingly rendered the entire head with a thin but tough layer of car body filler. facial features the nose, lips, hairline and ears were sculpted and then sanded until they blended in.

At this point I also started to work on the body. A shop window dummy was donated by fellow Frankophile Alan Woods. Unfortunately, the dummy was tall, slender and gazelle-like...NONE of Franks attributes. I decided to modify the standard dummy to resemble Franks vital statistics. This involved shortening the arms, legs and 'cutting and shutting' the torso. That went very well so I decided to now reposition the arms utilising plastic plumbers 'elbow joints'. Again this worked out surprisingly well so I took it further and remodelled the left hand, cutting and repositioning each digit into the 'Thumbs Up' sign. I pinned it all together with short lengths of coat hanger wire.
I sourced an identical suit on ebay for a max bid of £11.37...which I won, spent £4 on the shoes in a charity shop and had a genuine pink tie previously worn by Frank and then passed on to me as a member of Franks backing band THE OH-BLIMEYS.

I'm really bad at painting and the plan was for Martin Sievey (Frank/Chris's older brother) to do the painting..... however this didn't happen for various reasons so I decided to apply the paint myself. I'm more than happy with how that turned out. Working for Frank/Chris for the last 5 years leading up to his death I even knew which particular brand of paints to use and their code numbers.....Chris even imparted a couple of tips on techniques he used to achieve the desired affect.

I'm very proud of my work and whenever the statue is on public show, folks seem to love it.
It is currently on display at Alans shop in Wigan and is scheduled to make an appearance at FRANK-FEST in Manchester on Saturday March 31st. Headlining is THE FALL also THE STAGS are on the bill and will play a couple of Franks best loved songs in the set.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Fantastic for numerous  reasons:

Burly downhill decents with the guys riding out the speed wobbles.

Bobby Piercy and John Hutson riding for TURNER SUMMER SKI and SANTA CRUZ respectively....absolutely charging it!

Dale 'Sausage-Man' Smiths insanely camp freestyle moves.

Amazing Mustaches.....short shorts.

Herds of Buffalo roaming majestically across the horizon.

Jamie Hart's attache briefcase containing his race formula OJ WHEELS.

Tough girls on skateboards.

The anchor mans neat bright yellow blazer!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


What we got here are 3 bands/artists generally regarded as 'plastic punk' by most punk obsessives but as these videos show.... these bands could really rock!

First up is JOE JACKSON in 1979 with the title track off his 2nd album 'I'm the man'...this fully rips along!
This song has the classic line 'Skateboards?....I almost made them respectable' ..a strong enough reason to love this song for this single fact alone.

Following this is ELVIS COSTELLO in 1978 with 'Pump it up'
When my dad saw this routine on Top of the Pops made him feel sick and wanted to write to the BBC to complain.......good job he never got to witness the Sex Pistols.

To finish it's THE BOOMTOWN RATS with a spirited live performance in 1978 of a great album track 'Don't believe what you read'.
This clip is from the short-lived, brilliant REVOLVER tv show that had PETER COOK as the host.

It seems to me a shame that these bands had their heads turned and for whatever reasons got themselves ran through the mainstream 'Music Machine' to to lose all the sharp edges and become the acceptable face of punk at the time.....New Wave.