Thursday, 10 January 2013


I'm currently helping out with the production of a documentary about the unbelievable life and times of Chris Sievey, the man behind Frank Sidebottom.
The project is headed up by film maker Steve Sullivan. No stranger to Sidebottom, he worked with Chris on the short film MAGICAL TIMPERLEY TOUR.
Steve was granted permission from the Sievey family to produce the project and also given full access to Chris's extensive archive of reel to reel audio master tapes, vhs tapes, cassettes, photographs, artwork, cine films and cereal boxes!
Filming commenced mid December 2012 on location at Timperley community centre. I spent 3 days with Chris's elder brother Martin, sifting through a seemingly endless number of boxes pulling out anything of interest that triggered our memories and then filming it. It was set in perfect surroundings, a melancholy, slightly delapidated attic space in an old Victorian building
It was both sad and great fun. In a very short period of time we started to put together a string of interesting stories and the bigger picture was already starting to unfold. I believe we came away with over 10 hours of footage from these sessions
As we went along, items were categorised and all the various' master' tapes were then sent to the Manchester film archive to be digitized and properly stored so that they don't deteriorate any further.
Filming concluded at the Statue Fundraiser in Manchester where performances were recorded and interviews with fans took place in 'Vinyl Revival' record shop.
The film is being produced by Rondo Media and is looking for further funding...I have 100% conviction, just from the five or so years I worked for Chris/Frank, that there is a truly outstanding story to be told. I sincerely hope Steve Sullivan is given the opportunity to complete this film
This project is not to be confused with the Hollywood film loosly based on Sievey, written by Jon Ronson that is currently in production.
No matter how much these guys embellish or distort the concept with some artistic licence....I don't think it could be anymore incredulous than the true story!