Saturday, 23 October 2010


Lots of thanks to Norman McFuzzybutt over at MOTORCYCHO magazine for a package through my letterbox today! A big bunch of 45's, stickers, buttons etc. This mag has been in existence for 15 years now and also has a blog page that you can visit HERE

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Duane Peters...update

Our thoughts are with our good buddy Duane Peters, who has been fighting to not lose his left leg after developing a serious staph infection following a bad slam on a skate tour last month. GoGo Lou emailed Duane yesterday and got a reply.....He is in good spirits and feels he's turned a corner in the last few days. Doctors said his leg has to grow some "new meat" in order for it to begin to heal and if this didn't happen soon he was facing amputation at the knee. DP has gone back under the surgeons knife very recently and signed a document to allow them to take the leg off if necessary. If amputation was to be the outcome, he told the docs not to bother making the stump to take a prosthetic limb saying he was gonna go back to boozing and "go pirate with a wooden peg-leg".
He ain't out of the woods yet but the gap in his leg has started to close up a little..and that's an improvement!
Above are some progress pics of the wound and some pics off Ebay. Duane is selling some of his art and personal skateboards to help to pay off some crippling hospital bills. If you feel you wanna bid and help raise some cash take a look on Ebay HERE

Update 20th October 2010:
Here is a post from earlier today over at Duanes facebook page....

just noticed all the cool donation sugestions.I dont think I,m cool with that tho,but thank you all you radsters.cant go to jail for oweing I dont think,I just gotta stir up the shit instead of siting in it I think,so I,m burning A disc with all my last Shoe ideas & even tho the market is soft I,m gonna look for my son clash told his class his daddy was a shoe maker for a living the other day it made me start to think about real offers yet but I'll wash dishes ,Tap dance or what ever I gotta do till shit happens. ive allready done the bum thing,begging aint my style no more.Clash gets his tonsils out friday so I hope it dont rain that day,gonna ride motto up to LA to see him,coreys brother cherokee has been going to bat for me during this whole fucking last ordeal of mine. I guess some shit sold on ebay.I will be able to give her half.I,ll sell garage junk next weekend & next till I can tap dance on the road in 3 got paid.Gonna work on just staying sober & healing for now.More people way werse off than I ! You ROCK ME ! Thank you Friends for even wanting to help out,much Love.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010


The first gig for a project band I'm playing bass in, takes place this Sat 16th October at THE TUDOR HOUSE, Wigan.
The Lentalists play loud, twin guitared, amped-up, driving 60's garage in the vein of 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, THE LITTER and BOB SEGER SYSTEM.....
This band is something of a local supergroup with members from THE V.C.'S, THE STAGS, MOCO and THE MALLADIES.
Looking forward to seeing how this new band is received on its debut outing

Thursday, 7 October 2010


SAD BUT TRUE.......The death of Pek...punkest guy in Liverpool. Dead at only 44 years old, I don't know any details other than he suffered a stroke a few weeks back but was reported to be making good progress. Pek was one of the guys behind UNDER SIEGE promoters booking all the Punk/HC/Crust gigs in Liverpool, mostly staged at PLANET X in its various incarnations. He put on some amazing gigs for touring US and European punk bands and also local bands own band included. Before taking up running the gigs and almost single-handedly creating a "Scene" Pek was also vocalist for DISATTACK  precurser to is a youtube clip

Dennis and Lois documentary....

Dennis and Lois Doc Teaser from cassflix on Vimeo.
Fantastic teaser for an upcoming documentary about Dennis and Lois from New York.
The absolute biggest fans of Frank Sidebottom I ever met! The couple met at a FATS DOMINO gig and ended up running the Merch stall for THE RAMONES in 1975-6. Chris Sievey once told me that it was Dennis who actually suggested that the boys all wore black leather jackets.
Dennis and Lois are my kind of people... rabid toy and record collectors

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

One night in September 1995....

Classics from Barry Thornton on Vimeo.

Psychick-Boy does it again unearthing unseen footage of THE RAMP COMMANDOS sessioning my old mini-ramp back in late September 1995. On duty that night were me (blue shirt/dyed black hair) Psychick-Boy, Captain Highside, Julian Parkinson and Daz Robinson.The list of tricks I have forgot I could do leaves me at a loss for words......look out for my backside boneless one, Psychick-Boy's Lein to tail and Captain Highside's frontside roll-in.......LIVIN' IN A WIGGLY WORLD!

Monday, 4 October 2010

A Napple a day.....keeps the doctor away


Earlier this Summer I picked up a big box of assorted AURORA MONSTER MODEL KITS. I had all these kits as a child and unfortunately administered all the usual "melting with a magnifying glass/ air-gun/ fireworks" torture routines. In the 90's, I picked up all the re-issues and these remain mint boxed but it ain't the same as having the originals. I parted with 4 pounds at my local car boot sale for a rag tag, mixed up collection of various tiny kit parts that I recognised  from 20 paces. These kits are the real deal and I have a hunch they could even be 1st issue from the mid-60's. The series was re-vamped in the 70's with various"Glow in the dark" pieces such as hands, heads, rats, bats etc. and not one of the myriad of parts in the box were glow parts. After an hour or so sorting the parts out, I discovered I had a totally complete FRANKENSTEIN(my favourite) and almost complete DRACULA and THE CREATURE. The rest of the kits are AURORA PREHISTORIC SCENES including a WOOLY MAMMOTH, T-REX, TRICERATOPS and a bunch of CROMAGNON MEN / WOMEN

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wigan Speedway

 Infinitely more famous for rugby league and football,Wigan had its fair share of speedway racing with not just one but two different venues. Poolstock Stadium was the home of Wigan Warriors in 1947. The team upped sticks and moved to Fleetwood in 1948, although they returned to Poolstock again in 1960. incredibly, Laurel and Hardy came to watch the racing in 1947. They were speedway fans and were appearing in nearby town, Bolton. Apparently they came along to cheer on a he/she mystery rider known as "The White Ghost". Woodhouse Lane Stadium was also used briefly in the early 1950s, this local team was known as the Wigan Panthers. I didn't know anything about this local bike history but I wanna find out some more.....

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Championship finale......

The final round of the 2010 SILKOLENE-POZZANNI SHORT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP takes place tomorrow at Scunthorpe Speedway. the SKOOTER FARM team will almost be at full strength (just missing Jason #99) and all jostling for points! Its been a fantastic season with favourable weather at most races however the forecast ain't great for tomorrow....hope we get a few hours of dryness whilst we run the meeting. Above is a shot of me #31 at the last round, leading the pack in the first turn. Unfortunately the race was red flagged due to a crash and the restart didn't really go my way.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Vintage Jim Goodrich photography

A few examples of the skate photography of Jim Goodrich. In the late Seventies I would see these kind of images in SKATEBOARDER MAGAZINE and they would make me wanna grab my board and get shredding.
From the top we have Steve Alba (at Winchester pool??) then Shogo Kubo in the Lakewood half-pipe. Next is Marty Grimes at Oxnard and to conclude, Greg Weaver, at Skatopia.