Monday, 29 March 2010

Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Hitler....

This is a picture that hangs on the wall of the British Legion in Wigan. This was the host venue for last weekends Sideburn Magazine launch party.
Davida helmets kindly brought along a selection of images from the MOTO-PHOTO exhibition and diplayed them on the British Legions walls.
In order to do this, the existing picures hung on the wall had to be removed. It felt like the right thing to do was to leave this picture up and include it in the gallery. the new caption reads:

"Warrington-on-Sea Home Guard"  Dad's Army.
Private Sponge aka Colin Bean (far right standing) appeared in every episode of the popular tv series "Dad's Army" between 1968 and 1977. A local actor and author from Wigan, Colin was a member at this club for many years and a patron of many local arts groups. Colin sadly passed away last year.
Photographer unknown. Submitted by Dennis.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Skooter Farm track opening day

Great party Friday night, thanks to all who made the effort and travelled up to Wigan. Saturday afternoon we held the opening SKOOTER FARM track session, which was a real hoot..a few small bikes and 10 or so riders. We even held a few 4 man races with start and finish flags and all!
Photos courtesy of DBA and SIDEBURN

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

"Skates like a rocking horse!"

Baz Thornton has got in touch through Myspace and sent me these pics from EMPIRE SKATE BUILDING Warrington and the "Locals only" STIFFNECKS ramp.
First 2 shots are me, then Baz, then me again at Stiffneck's and then finally Bull-Craigos over the channel in Warrington.
We just made a pact to both skate more during's hard to motivate yourself to go skating on your having someone to hook up with will be a real bonus....BRING ON THE MAGIC ROLLING BOARD!!

Monday, 22 March 2010


Ben Part from Sideburn Magazine sent me this picture. I think it is one of the images from the Davida MOTO-PHOTO art show that is gonna be in Wigan on Friday, 26th March for one night only.
For more details go to

Sunday, 21 March 2010

"The emergency exits are and here...."

To anybody who might be flying in from foreign climes to attend this coming fridays SIDEBURN MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY.....I hope that your air hostesses look like this!
for party details go to Wig-out in Wigan

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Self help literature

Advice on how to tackle the credit crunch and improve your financial situation.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Super successful testing session today over at the new SKOOTER FARM practice track, at an undisclosed location.
The top surface (6mm down Red Shale) we brought in is gonna be worth every well spent!
The track surface is ultra smooth and it isn't cutting through to the sub-base, as feared, at all!
It rides like a small version of Kings Lynn on a good day when its just been lightly watered and groomed......great fun!
Riding today was Pete Wilkinson, Captain Highside and myself. Also in attendance was CCM team rider Richard May, who abstained from riding...the big Puff!
Despite the small scale of the track....speeds were suprisingly quick but that might change as the shale dries out and takes on a more 'skiddy' characteristic.
This track is for use with small capacity, heavily silenced bikes only and is for SKOOTER FARM and SIDEBURN teamsters and associates or on a strictly invitation only basis. Sorry but we don't want to blow our cover before we even start..we have put too much time and money into this project!
If you are coming to the SIDEBURN MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY  on Friday 26th March and wish to ride or attend the official track opening session/photo-shoot on the Saturday afternoon, then please get in touch with Sideburn first.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

70's Ducati Dirt Tracker

Got a tip off from Tim Stamp to check out this killer looking bike.... you can read about it here:

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Stags Out-takes

Just found this on my hard drive......It's some spoken word studio outtakes of Kenny Roquette and Conway Castle recording the opening sequence to the title track from our Album 'Do the Ton'  from Xmas 2008.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Wild in the streets......Punjab style!

Just saw this over at the MOTORCYCHO blogsite...I bet that guy spends more money on shoes than he does on his bike!

I recommend you look at this site  motorcycho.blogspot

KILLER DILLER with Mr. Murdo

Click the link above to listen to my guest appearance on Johnny Alpha's KILLER DILLER radio show.
This show is from a coupla months ago but I am due to do another show in the near future.
This weekly show goes out live online at 10.30pm every Tuesday night
If you like what you hear then listen in and show your support.
Listen along whilst you surf the net........

Its official......

Here is the flyer for the forthcoming SIDEBURN MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY.
Date is Friday 26th March. We have THE STAGS playing at home for the first time in ages, Biker Burlesque with BAMBI LA BEAU, spinning vinyl we got JOHNNY ALPHA, MR. MURDO and CONWAY CASTLE. We also have the DAVIDA HELMETS 'MOTO-PHOTO' art show and hopefully a couple of cool bikes on display.
No tickets, just pay 3 quid on the door. See you there?

Here is title track from The Stags album 'Do the Ton' on Soundflat records

Thursday, 4 March 2010


This is Ben Part, the other half of Sideburn Magazine. I believe this photo was took just after Ben made the deadline for issue 5.
Ben is a one of a kind sorta guy who wears Ex-army hobnail boots and is saving up to buy a Penny Farthing.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


A little too 'Eighties' for me but still very entertaining....

The Stags....first show of 2010

Just confirmed!
I can't say too much about this just yet but The Stags are to play a show in Wigan! The date is Friday March 26th.
The Stags are in alliance with a new regular night, ROARING PSYCHEDELIC OCTOPUS, hosted at the British Legion Hall and is hopefully the first of a series of Stags shows in Wigan for 2010.
It's gonna be a 'Cross-Cultural Extravaganza' with some other really cool stuff going on.....I will post full details of the proceedings as they are confirmed.....

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Target practice......

Picked up this funky military practice target at the car boot sale over the weekend.