Saturday, 13 March 2010


Super successful testing session today over at the new SKOOTER FARM practice track, at an undisclosed location.
The top surface (6mm down Red Shale) we brought in is gonna be worth every well spent!
The track surface is ultra smooth and it isn't cutting through to the sub-base, as feared, at all!
It rides like a small version of Kings Lynn on a good day when its just been lightly watered and groomed......great fun!
Riding today was Pete Wilkinson, Captain Highside and myself. Also in attendance was CCM team rider Richard May, who abstained from riding...the big Puff!
Despite the small scale of the track....speeds were suprisingly quick but that might change as the shale dries out and takes on a more 'skiddy' characteristic.
This track is for use with small capacity, heavily silenced bikes only and is for SKOOTER FARM and SIDEBURN teamsters and associates or on a strictly invitation only basis. Sorry but we don't want to blow our cover before we even start..we have put too much time and money into this project!
If you are coming to the SIDEBURN MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY  on Friday 26th March and wish to ride or attend the official track opening session/photo-shoot on the Saturday afternoon, then please get in touch with Sideburn first.