Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Long live THE SHOOK-UPS......The lentalists are dead

Just a name change.. only played 4 local shows under the old name so no harm done.
After weeks of deliberation, a list of 356 potential names and the recruitment of a new drummer....we settled on THE SHOOK-UPS!.
Now we got a name all the band members are happy with...we can now start to spread the word, book shows start to have some fun with this project.
Comprised of members from various North-West bands: MOCO, THE V.C.'S, THE STAGS, DOKTOR COMBOVER and FILTHY ROMANCE......THE SHOOK-UPS play up-beat tuff 60's Garage in the vein of BOB SEGER SYSTEM, THE SEEDS, ALARM CLOCKS
We just set up a Myspace for the new band...but there ain't a lot to look at right now, however. you can listen to a bunch of newly recorded songs like the one below.

listen to six more songs HERE

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