Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Verona Bike Expo 2012... part one

Just back from an enjoyable and fruitful few days representing Sideburn Magazine at BIKE EXPO 2012 in Verona, Italy.
A relentless schedule of early starts and late nights took its toll on all involved, not helped by a pre-show boozy do on the night we arrived. The shout was given, so it was over to BELLA NAPOLI for delicious pizza served by the metre! I was amongst great company: Benny Boneshaker, Zip, Guy and Pat from Greasy-Kulture, Matt from Dice Mag, Conrad Leach and of course Ben and Gary from Sideburn.
The meal was concluded with a Lemon-based strong spirit whose name escapes me.We then moved to the bar next door where Gary introduced everyone to the local tipple, a luminous orange spritzer-tipple called APEROL....it went downhill from there. A couple of hours later we bid goodnight and headed off in search of a taxi, which proved a tad tricky as the streets were deserted. We were dressed in our themed outfits for the weekend, tweed and deerstalkers and Gary was particularly worse for wear sporting his deerstalker in 'flaps down' mode. Eventually we spotted a taxi rank off in the distance with two availlable taxis. As we approached the taxi rank I quipped " Looking like this...I bet they drive off before they get there". Lo and behold, that's exactly what happened. That kinda set the tone for the weekend. Finally got back to the hotel to find we were sharing it with JESSE JAMES and ARLEN NESS amongst others.

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  1. the strong,lemon flavored liquor, it s called "LIMONCELLO"