Sunday, 4 March 2012


What we got here are 3 bands/artists generally regarded as 'plastic punk' by most punk obsessives but as these videos show.... these bands could really rock!

First up is JOE JACKSON in 1979 with the title track off his 2nd album 'I'm the man'...this fully rips along!
This song has the classic line 'Skateboards?....I almost made them respectable' ..a strong enough reason to love this song for this single fact alone.

Following this is ELVIS COSTELLO in 1978 with 'Pump it up'
When my dad saw this routine on Top of the Pops made him feel sick and wanted to write to the BBC to complain.......good job he never got to witness the Sex Pistols.

To finish it's THE BOOMTOWN RATS with a spirited live performance in 1978 of a great album track 'Don't believe what you read'.
This clip is from the short-lived, brilliant REVOLVER tv show that had PETER COOK as the host.

It seems to me a shame that these bands had their heads turned and for whatever reasons got themselves ran through the mainstream 'Music Machine' to to lose all the sharp edges and become the acceptable face of punk at the time.....New Wave.


  1. that joe jackson clip rules.

  2. 1979 truly was the greatest musical year. Blondie to Human League , OMD to Joy Division . Dont get me going all Factory Records. Gary Numan's Cars. Was it " Bombers" on the b- side ?
    Ok. As you were

  3. two of those had/have a vancouver, bc, canada connection.... Geldoff worked out a local alternative newspaper before BTR and Elvis lives here now!!!!.... some canaduh trivia for you!

  4. Love the fella in the tank top giving it some wellie on the BTR vid - great to hear these old classic tracks all over again - yeahh :)