Monday, 21 May 2012


Great day out at the DIRT QUAKE event I helped organise for Sideburn Mag last weekend. An unlikely mix of activities and hard to put a finger on why it was so good...Sort of a cross between a motorcycle race and a 70's Saturday morning kids TV show.
I was ultra busy on the day and didn't take a single picture. All these images are taken from various folks on the web, facebook etc.....hope they don't mind.
I'm indebted to the folks behind the scenes that helped to make this happen and to the racers for signing up for something that was an unknown quantity. It was a ton of hard work but I hope we can find a way to do this again, bigger and even better next year.


  1. Possibly the most bizzare day of racing the World has ever seen. A PIE pace car, a C70 passing a Fireblade and Dave Skooter Farm haulin' ass on a GS750 chop. Total musical mayhem!Super fast National event in the evening
    (heal quick Stevie) topped off a mad, mad day.
    If you couldn't make it on the day try to watch some footage.......betcha make the next one!

  2. It was an awesome day :D glad you liked the pics :D