Tuesday, 6 April 2010

THE BOMB .......Chigago

THE BOMB from Chicago (where else?) play chugga-chugga power punk with authority and so they should, the singer, Jeff Pezzati, was the frontman of NAKED RAYGUN and original bassist in BIG BLACK.
Crusty Myke brought this band to my attention and also the fact they play in Manchester tomorrow night.
Picking up were PEGBOY and RAYGUN left off ....I bet they kick yours and my ass live!!!
Check out their Myspace here turn it up loud and check out if they are playing anywhere near you!!

Here is a review for the new record SPEED IS EVERYTHING that I found online:

"Naked Raygun was a huge inspiration for me. Along with Fugazi and Leatherface, they helped create the bedrock that defines the "Gainesville sound". As much as I discredit the root idea that such a sound even exists or is quantifiable to such a finite point, I will at least concede that there are certain key influences for many a young (at heart) local miscreant. I digress. The fact that twenty-one years after NR played a legion hall in Gainesville, we are putting out a record that not only stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best NR album, but perhaps surpasses, well, this blows me away. I have a hard time finding words that express how much Pezzati's voice shakes me to the core. So I'll abandon words entirely and quote the man himself "Whoa Hey Ho". Yes. This record means that much. Crafting the music and bringing the workhorse/powerhouse ethic are Jeff Dean, Mike Soucy, and Pete Mittler, who have truly risen to the occasion. They have been in countless Chicago bands, and continue to split their time with several noteworthy, exceptional bands, including The Methadones and Four Star Alarm. Energy. Focus. Intensity. As if it could get any better, the album was recorded by J. Robbins, who also makes appearances on various songs. He really brought out the best in the band and songs, amplifying and directing, especially in the vocal harmonies and melodies. Pezzati turned in vocals on the last Paint It Black album, and Dan Yemin returns the favor here. Bob Nanna also lends his inimitable pipes to the mix." - -Var

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