Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bike Hauler

Just did an interesting interview for the upcoming issue of SIDEBURN mag with a guy called Vince Martinico. Now Vince races pre-1930 motorcycles and next year this is gonna be his transport to the race track.
It was built for the 1939 World Fair. Apparently the whole left side folds out to create an instant "Pit Area"
I shudder to think about fuel consumption but just imagine turning up at Buxton Speedway in this!!


  1. what a beauty!!. maybe skooter farm could do something with a uni mog, and a glider trailer in tow!!?.

  2. is the whole pit crew hanging off not so invisible threads & have bobbing heads?

  3. If there was any room left behind the chequered flag bar, then how about this beauty as a stablemate?