Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mini Ramp skating in the late 80's

Many thanks to Pete Rogers for sending me these skate shots. The first three are taken at Dave Davies backyard ramp, in Lark Lane, Liverpool in around 1987. First 2 pics are me (stand-up F/side Grind and B/side Air) and then the 3rd shot is Ian Barwick mid Rock 'n' Roller.
The last 3 are of my own backyard ramp from maybe 1988-89. We used to skate for hours and end up full of splinters!!
the 4th pic is Paul 'Cyb' Lewis with a stylee, relaxed F/side Grind. Next up is Ritchie on a Fakie Smith Stall.
The last shot is Natas Kaupas (F/side Ollie) skating the ramp on a visit with Jesse Martinez at the ramps original short-lived home......upstairs at Split Skates shop in Manchester.
I'm really hoping that Pete digs out some more nuggets for me to post here!

UPDATE: Here's a pic of Pete himself Smith Grinding again on my old ramp

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  1. great stuff.
    Enjoyed those.
    Never knew you rode a Zorlac.
    Things fall from your head so easily. :)