Monday, 20 September 2010


Just had a great long weekend Dirt Tracking. Took off with Wilky #99 to the practice session at Rye House on Friday. Hooked up with Steve Red Max, Ant 'n' Geoff from Co-Built and Ben from Sideburn Mag amongst others. Sun was shining, track was was great until my rear wheel bearings disintegrated and my bike threw a chain. The CO-BUILT guys came to the rescue, somehow sourcing a new set of bearings out of business hours and even getting the supplier to post 'em through Anthonys letter box. They were there waiting for us when we arrived back from a stop off at the ACE CAFE on the way home.
Wilky and me were then treated to some overnight CO-BUILT hospitality thanks to Anna and Ant.
Saturday morning was spent with a Co-Built super tune up on my bike. Not only was the rear wheel repaired but an intensive "dialing-in" was carried out. When my bike broke part way through the practice, I took a couple of runs on Ants bike and was knocked out by how well it handled. So, we tried to set up my bike with the same characteristics. The gearing was lowered substantially, the wheelbase shortened, we switched to lower rise handlebars, the forks were dropped in the yolks, lowering the front end and finally, the offset tweaked somewhat.
The end result was my bike handled 100% better! On the Sunday I had one of my most enjoyable race meetings ever and made yet another "A" final with a respectable 7th place finish (I could have possibly pushed it to a 5th or 6th if I had been a bit braver)
Big thanks again to Anthony Brown and Geoff Cain for all their help and hospitality
So all in all, a fab weekend....can't wait for the final round at Scunthorpe on 3rd Oct.


  1. Dave, I want to know more about the set-up. What gearing are you running now, please? G

  2. was 18 on the front.... now 16.....i think its 47 on the rear

  3. mega weekend mega track!!.

  4. Well Done on Sunday Dave. It was great to have you guys over and your always welcome.
    Gary, Dave now has a 15T on the front and a 46 on the rear.
    I am pretty sure you already run a 15T on the front!!