Monday, 13 September 2010


Thanks to everyone that showed up to YOYO'S POOL PARTY 2010.
As the sun set, folks started to show up...skaters and non skaters alike. I spent a good coupla days fixing up the backyard and setting the scene with a Tiki/Voodoo theme, which looked really great. GoGo Lou and Lady Di took care of the skarfing material, serving up killer veggie chilli dogs and an awesome Indy cake.
It was mainly a gathering of older skaters and a great session was had by all. Some skate highlights were PSYCHICK BOYs Slob-Airs and Rock 'n' Roll slides, CYBs backside grind to tail, CAPT. HIGHSIDEs Rock to Fakies and Cess Slides and BULLCRAIGOs Tail-Drop, his first time on a skate in 22 years!!
Some other things worthy of mention were JOHNNY ALPHA and CONWAY CASTLE providing a terrific aural backdrop to the nights activities, my "BMX Bastard" nephew Jake pledging to skate more often, my neice, Shea, skooting around on my 33 year old G+S slalom board and Capt. Highside drunkenly barbecuing a 2 foot long giant marrow at 2am!
Other shout outs to Geoff from CO-BUILT, driving over from Oxford to make the scene, Foxy (with a broken foot) and Daisy for hooking me up with a new S.S.S.-SHRED-SLED deck, Mr. Wilson, out of action with a back injury for all the photos and Joe Crow for his electrical expertise and inadvertantly taking the "slam of the night".


  1. Looks like good times. wish i could of made it. but i'm always away and needed a weekend with family. shame. You know how to throw a good party.

  2. I am so sad I missed this! That cake especially looks incredible!! A certain gogo dancer has once again outdone herself.


  3. Great, Great Party! Dave and Lou know how to throw a party for sure. Trust me on this, if you ever get a chance, make it to anything even faintly influenced by these two and you will have a ball!