Wednesday, 6 October 2010

One night in September 1995....

Classics from Barry Thornton on Vimeo.

Psychick-Boy does it again unearthing unseen footage of THE RAMP COMMANDOS sessioning my old mini-ramp back in late September 1995. On duty that night were me (blue shirt/dyed black hair) Psychick-Boy, Captain Highside, Julian Parkinson and Daz Robinson.The list of tricks I have forgot I could do leaves me at a loss for words......look out for my backside boneless one, Psychick-Boy's Lein to tail and Captain Highside's frontside roll-in.......LIVIN' IN A WIGGLY WORLD!

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  1. Hey, that looks like a killer session! Two things..... why, 15 years later do I barely remember it and why are my knees,wrists,back etc not too great at the moment? Connected? Probably, but what a great mini ramp that was.
    Another great moment in time from the Dave Arnold Diaries.