Monday, 4 October 2010


Earlier this Summer I picked up a big box of assorted AURORA MONSTER MODEL KITS. I had all these kits as a child and unfortunately administered all the usual "melting with a magnifying glass/ air-gun/ fireworks" torture routines. In the 90's, I picked up all the re-issues and these remain mint boxed but it ain't the same as having the originals. I parted with 4 pounds at my local car boot sale for a rag tag, mixed up collection of various tiny kit parts that I recognised  from 20 paces. These kits are the real deal and I have a hunch they could even be 1st issue from the mid-60's. The series was re-vamped in the 70's with various"Glow in the dark" pieces such as hands, heads, rats, bats etc. and not one of the myriad of parts in the box were glow parts. After an hour or so sorting the parts out, I discovered I had a totally complete FRANKENSTEIN(my favourite) and almost complete DRACULA and THE CREATURE. The rest of the kits are AURORA PREHISTORIC SCENES including a WOOLY MAMMOTH, T-REX, TRICERATOPS and a bunch of CROMAGNON MEN / WOMEN

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