Saturday, 9 April 2011

Rammy the Rookie

Via the magic of Facebook, I've recently been back in touch with some old BMX buddies. I invited  Jason Ramsden and Tony Law over to the SKOOTER FARM practice track a coupla days ago.

Jason was an old ROBINSON team-mate back in 1981...and I ain't seen him since about 1982.

Both guys had a good day but Tony was struggling in pain due to 20 plus years of Freestyle MX abuse to his body.
However, Jason got into it really quickly, within minutes he was comfortably sliding the bike through the corners.
Jason was always a natural on a bike, tons of style and a total command of "Body English". He came away smiling and really stoked and can't wait to ride again next week.

 I know I said the SKOOTER FARM  team was fully subscribed but taking into account CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE is pretty much out for the season... I think there may be room for one more rookie on the team. I reckon a couple more sessions on the little track, maybe a practice session on a big track and then maybe Rammy could try a race or two......I hope so!


  1. Perfect bike for a beginner here. Or perhaps get him to CCM before they sell out of school bikes. They seem a bargain. G

  2. Hey, I'd gladly take a (small) sidewayz step to let Rammy into the fold. I was recently talking to Mark Lavery who still maintains Jason was the most stylish BMX racer of the early 80's. Step up to the plate my mate ( Life begins on the start line!)