Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"You shall go to the Prom"

It was my Nephew, Jake Roberts 16th Birthday yesterday. As I posted a couple of weeks back, he's recovering from surgery to a splintered collar-bone after a heavy BMX crash whilst training in Denmark.
One positive outcome from all this is Jake can now take his girlfriend, Aimee-Kate to his school Prom Night! The date clashes with a round of the National race championship and he's under contract to attend 'em all...However, he is recuperating...so he's excused.
Jake came round yesterday to raid my attic and try out some suitable threads for the Prom. this is the outfit he picked out.
I know for a fact that his mum has different ideas about this.......thing is.... he's Sixteen now!

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  1. So cool, you should start a Tux rental company!