Thursday, 11 November 2010


Continuing on the monster tip....take a look at the great box art for the "GLOW IN THE DARK" AURORA MONSTER KITS.
The "long box" non-glow versions issued in the 60's are probably more valuable and sought after.... but these are the kits I remember buying with my pocket money as an 8 year old!
 Aurora Plastics Company had been making figural models of the Universal monsters for a few years and they were really one of the first companies to captilize on the Monster craze of that decade. In the 70's they relaunched the line with a new feature, they now glowed in the dark. Monster items and glowing in the dark is still a prevelant trend to this day..The box art was re-vamped and looks really great, even more ghoulish and lurid.
The last picture of the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is a mock up of a kit that was never released.


  1. I flipping *love* these!

  2. goin through my very own "Monster Craze" at the moment....takes me back to being a small boy!

  3. Big coincidence this. Only about two weeks ago I was trawling the net downloading this artwork, and pics of the built figures, purely because I was in some nostalgia zone about the ones I used to have as a kid - Dracula, Frankenstein and The Forgotten Prisoner (my favourite) and all glow-in-the-dark versions.