Monday, 1 November 2010

MonsterChef 2010...with The Stags



Great Stags party this Halloween weekend. A cookery-themed spooky show MONSTERCHEF that was half  pantomine and half bordering on performance art!!......oh yeah, with some songs thrown in too!
Some memorable highlights were:

Satans Sausage Machine....and the two contestants Kerry and Chris.

Conways ridiculous head chefs hat.

Mobile Jones grotesque costume.

"The Replacement Hip" dance contest won by Wilky #99.

Sinderella strapped to the operating table and force fed Satans Sausage.

Mike the sax players presentation of a 5 foot tall Stags Carriage clock for services rendered.

Dennis the Barsteward stumbling off the stage and falling flat on his face, blind drunk.

Tons of friends travelled from far and wide to take part and "make the scene". and The Stags SALUTE YOU!!


  1. Dave "It ruled" thanks for having us.


  2. How Ghoulish!
    Looks like you all got a wig on in Wigan.
    Sorry not to make it
    x BP

  3. What happened? I kinda remember the sausage machine but it all got a bit messy after that!

  4. Its a long way to the top if yer want a sausage roll....