Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Jasons bike gets photographed for LOWRIDE mag
                                        GI and MP ....put 'em together and whatya got?..GIMP!!
I JUST WANT SOME SKANK! The boots the girl in the last picture was wearing

                                         Anna and friend peruse THE FLAT-TRACK BIBLE

Just got back from a 5 day road trip to Milan, Italy to have a presence at a custom/hotrod show. We had a super hectic schedule, managing to take in an motorcycle art show launch in Paris, a home visit to photographer/RUBY HELMETS guy Dimitri Coste, an overnight stay with IVAN THE TERRIBLE which included some frantic record buying and then a US BOMBS gig on the way home in Belgium. It was a 2200 mile roundtrip and almost 40 hours behind the wheel.
Personal highlights were:

Getting to know Paulo from ZEATA MOTORCYCLES a little better. He booked us a nice hotel and generally made sure we enjoyed our stay in Milan.

Spending time with Ivan in Paris and getting the chance to buy some records out of his recently deceased good buddy "SF Sorrow Seb"s collection.

Driving in heavy snow conditions over the Alps.

Hooking up my portable record player and playing my records over the big PA at the show.

Catching up with DP in Belgium. I lent him some DVD's to while away the hours in the van. He almost borrowed a comp of classic british tv adverts including all the Leonard Rossiter/Joan Collins CHINZANO ads!


  1. So no mention in the highlights of spending time with Ben and Gary from Sideburn then? G

  2. love the headgear!!.

  3. No mention either of meeting the ever-so-charming and appreciative of your supa-discs MP. To you, I'm just half a gimp.

  4. Of course!!! it goes without saying the 2 sided power triangle of GI and BP is great fun to be around, especially when being chain-fed Brie and Beer Chuntney on crackers. And yes, MP, you are half a gimp but at least you are the important half...the back half!!