Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Jasons bike gets photographed for LOWRIDE mag
                                        GI and MP ....put 'em together and whatya got?..GIMP!!
I JUST WANT SOME SKANK! The boots the girl in the last picture was wearing

                                         Anna and friend peruse THE FLAT-TRACK BIBLE

Just got back from a 5 day road trip to Milan, Italy to have a presence at a custom/hotrod show. We had a super hectic schedule, managing to take in an motorcycle art show launch in Paris, a home visit to photographer/RUBY HELMETS guy Dimitri Coste, an overnight stay with IVAN THE TERRIBLE which included some frantic record buying and then a US BOMBS gig on the way home in Belgium. It was a 2200 mile roundtrip and almost 40 hours behind the wheel.
Personal highlights were:

Getting to know Paulo from ZEATA MOTORCYCLES a little better. He booked us a nice hotel and generally made sure we enjoyed our stay in Milan.

Spending time with Ivan in Paris and getting the chance to buy some records out of his recently deceased good buddy "SF Sorrow Seb"s collection.

Driving in heavy snow conditions over the Alps.

Hooking up my portable record player and playing my records over the big PA at the show.

Catching up with DP in Belgium. I lent him some DVD's to while away the hours in the van. He almost borrowed a comp of classic british tv adverts including all the Leonard Rossiter/Joan Collins CHINZANO ads!

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Continuing on the monster tip....take a look at the great box art for the "GLOW IN THE DARK" AURORA MONSTER KITS.
The "long box" non-glow versions issued in the 60's are probably more valuable and sought after.... but these are the kits I remember buying with my pocket money as an 8 year old!
 Aurora Plastics Company had been making figural models of the Universal monsters for a few years and they were really one of the first companies to captilize on the Monster craze of that decade. In the 70's they relaunched the line with a new feature, they now glowed in the dark. Monster items and glowing in the dark is still a prevelant trend to this day..The box art was re-vamped and looks really great, even more ghoulish and lurid.
The last picture of the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is a mock up of a kit that was never released.


Here at Full Frokkul Fiasco it's Halloween every day of the year! and to labour the point here is a fantastic collection of latex masks from DON POST STUDIOS.
These particular masks are commonly known as "The Calendar Masks". They were released in 1966 and as a marketing ploy, each of the 12 masks were showcased in a full colour calendar available through FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine. Unfortunately, latex doesn't age very well and not many have survived. Original examples, in good condition are highly sought after and sell for big bucks...
The Calendar masks were re-issued in the mid-nineties and can be picked up for a reasonable price but as with most things, the revamped version pales into insignificance compared to the 44 year old originals.
Another negative with the re-issues is, because they have been cast off the originals(the factory molds are long gone) the new masks are somewhat smaller and therefore can't be worn and are classed as display only.
However, it is possible to force the mask over a small childs head for a quick photograph....like we did one time a few years back.....sorry Jake!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Great shot from Steve Baldock of me out wide in the loose stuff....looking forward to the 2011 season


Released yesterday 8th November.....The complete series, plus the pilot episode!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Duane Peters "benefit" wheels

Great example of folks looking out for each other. OJ wheels are producing a wheel with all proceeds going towards helping to pay Duanes crippling medical bills following a serious staph infection in his left leg (which he almost lost). For the full story see here
If you skate, do the right thing and hunt these wheels down  and run 'em on yer board....if ya don't skate but dig what DP is about then buy a set and put 'em on the mantlepiece, use 'em as a paperweight, give 'em to the dog to chew etc.
All being well, Duane will be on a Euro tour which includes 2 UK dates 24th Nov. London Underworld and 25th Derby, The Old Bell........

I've been corresponding with Big Woody and he can confirm that he is able to supply these wheels here in the UK when they become available....He thinks the cost will be £36 per set (in line with all OJ wheels prices) If you want a set, then get in touch at www.bigwoodys.co.uk/

Monday, 1 November 2010

MonsterChef 2010...with The Stags



Great Stags party this Halloween weekend. A cookery-themed spooky show MONSTERCHEF that was half  pantomine and half bordering on performance art!!......oh yeah, with some songs thrown in too!
Some memorable highlights were:

Satans Sausage Machine....and the two contestants Kerry and Chris.

Conways ridiculous head chefs hat.

Mobile Jones grotesque costume.

"The Replacement Hip" dance contest won by Wilky #99.

Sinderella strapped to the operating table and force fed Satans Sausage.

Mike the sax players presentation of a 5 foot tall Stags Carriage clock for services rendered.

Dennis the Barsteward stumbling off the stage and falling flat on his face, blind drunk.

Tons of friends travelled from far and wide to take part and "make the scene". and The Stags SALUTE YOU!!