Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Czech Coolness..... part one

60's Czechoslovakia is my new Utopia!!
Here's some groovy ads for the city  runaround MZ ETS 250cc.
This was the first road bike I owned. It was actually registered on the log book as a 125cc and I rode it on L-plates and even took my test on it.....folks used to say "that's pretty quick for a 125!".....that's because it was a 250...


  1. Any blog (or person) that uses the line '60s Czechoslovakia is my new Utopia' is right up there in my all-time favourites. Dave, you are a true inspiration. I salute you. G

  2. Dunno if I'm missing something, but MZ were East German. CZ and Jawa were/are Czech. G

  3. Technically...yes East German!...however, I stumbled upon them, whilst checking out 60's Czech music stuff and I believe, they are listed on YouTube in the CZech language.......I bet MZ's, Cossacks and Zundaps were everywhere during the sixties...