Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Czech coolness.....part two

Three more random 60's clips from the Czech Republic.

First up is the Eastern Bloc answer to Lulu,  Valerie Cizmarova .....singing "Leta Leti". This is a rendition of the song "Moustache a Papa" that my band THE STAGS recorded a version of on the DO THE TON  album.
I'm now confused because our take on it was based on French YE-Ye girl ANNA-BELL's version (from 1971) I thought it was the original.....however this footage looks older than that I'd guess at '68-'69.
 Another interesting fact (to me, anyway) is it was written by Giorgio Moroder.....PAPA OO MOW MOW!!!!

Next up is handsome singer/daredevil Vaclav Neckar. the song is "Hej pane zajici" ...Very entertaining eye candy.....keep an eye out for the reckless, tormenting lion tamer!

Finally, THE GOLDEN KIDS from 1969 live in concert...check out the lucky guy in black's dance moves and the bass player in the band has got some style too!

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