Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Unfortunately my camera battery ran out so I didn't get as many portraits as I would have liked. Anyway, from the top we got Renzo Ruffo and his lovely wife. He's the son of Italian 50's/60's road racer Bruno Ruffo. Don't know what attracted him to Sideburn but he kept coming back to see us!
Next shot is Jacopo Monti, hot Italian dirt track racer who competes in the UK championship.
The guy in red is Sven from SCRAPERS car club he does a nice mag called MOTORIZED.
Next up is the guy behind SINNER SUPPLY.....sorry but his name escapes me.
The last shot is of the singer of an AC/DC clone band hired to play throughout the day.......not supporters....more like competitors...we got into a soundclash with them with Mr. Martini's 300w amp!

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