Tuesday, 1 June 2010


We spent a couple of hours over at the HOMEGROWN CHOPPERS clubhouse in Helsinki. This is a relatively new club with mainly younger guys.....many with a skateboarding background. The club currently has 30 paid up members who share the rent on the clubhouse. It's a great way to do things, there is a real communal spirit and different guys specialize in different aspects of bike building. The clubhouse also had a pretty cool, well stocked Tiki bar.
An impromtu photo shoot for DAVIDA HELMETS took place when a professional photographer, some pretty girls, Fiddy with some helmets and a cool chopper all happened to be at the same place at the same time!
The girl in the last shot, who was very clearly "with her boyfriend".... propositioned me later on in the evening....whilst her psychotic-looking "fella" was prowling around the party with his arms folded and a frowned expression on his face, watching her every move.....it left me a little uneasy and on edge.

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