Saturday, 12 June 2010


On my recent trip to Finland I saw a lot of bicycle choppers being built. This made me think back to a project that me and Capt. Highside did between us back in the summer of 1995.
The Captain was actually recovering from a broken foot that was the result of his first and only vintage motocross race and to fill his downtime he began playing around with some old cycle parts.
When I saw what he was doing, I got involved and like most things I seem to do, the project "snowballed".
The Captain did all the engineering and I took care of sourcing parts, paint, cosmetics and graphics.
This bike was christened "Subversion" and I came up with the name SKOOTER FARM CYCLE CONCEPTS...little did I know this name would stick and that over a decade later would be the moniker for our fledgling dirt track team.

People ask me a lot what the name means..... so I'll try to explain:

"SKOOTER" is an outlaw biker term for a stripped down, purposeful motorcycle. Originally spelled "scooter" I decided to change the spelling to disassociate the word from Lambrettas and Vespas.

"FARM" is a word that suggests homegrown productivity, dirt, agriculture and hillbillies.
So I guess the jist of it is..... motocycles built in outhouses and then ridden around in fields by inbreds!! ha ha!
Anyway, back to the bike, the frame and forks are a heavily modified, stretched Raleigh Burner.
The front wheel was from a unicycle and the rear is from some old moped. Other trick parts are a Mongoose Supergoose stem, one-off custom seat, faux-springer forks and the bullet head light and tail light.
The little guy sat on the bike is the Captains nephew, Tom, aged 9, up at Sunday biker hangout Rivington Barn when the bike was first finished.


  1. Sweet Wheels

    Looks like an extra burner frame from that red and white am I right?

  2. Mr Co-Built, you are probobly right but I can't just find a big enough anorak to put on to actually let you know for certain!
    I knocked together the first incarnation of this bike one afternoon simply as a ride to a party, how the hell i got home that night I'll never know.