Tuesday, 1 June 2010


This is a piece of art that Frank did. It's called "Me as me after chemotherapy" and just sold for £480 on EBAY. The money is going to Christies Hospital charity.
Here is the message that went with the auction:

hello fantastic fans,... frank sidebottom here,...
and after finding out that i've got bobbins cancer,... the world has gone potty !!!
(see my "oh blimey" blog on www.myspace.com/franksidebottom )
I've had loads of press,.. offered loads of interviews and telly,...
and they are playing me loads on the radio !!
which is just what i had in mind for the month of may,.. as I celebrate 25 years in fantastic
semi-professional showbizness this month,.... but maybe not quite the way I planned !!!!
Anyway,... what you are bidding on here is a ace drawing I've done in the "me as,.." series.

*** it's "me as me after chemotherapy" (ha, ha !)***

it's signed dated and stamped and comes with a copy of the "metro news"
which I will also sign to the winning bidder.
I've started the bidding at 109p,...
(as you can get a 109 bus to wythenshawe hospital)
and postage is 11p worldwide
(as you can also get a number 11 bus !!!)
happy bidding,... and bid as much as you like,..
as I'm giving all the money to cancer research,... (that's good !)
best regards

frank sidebottom


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