Wednesday, 26 May 2010

FINLAND TRIP pt.3 ....Mitja the Madman

This is Mitja....a very interesting guy! He's an ex-Teddy Boy and sports a wild old school tattoo of Bill Haley that he had done when he was 13.
Thats his bicycle chopper. Last year, he rode this bike 230 km each way to a show in Nortalje, Sweden!!
He informed me that it is completely legal to ride a bike, row a boat or ride a horse.....completely pissed. It is however illegal, under any circumstances to ride on the back of a Moose!!
Mitja is a musician who loves 60's garage and 50's rock n roll and has been involved with organising PA equipment for the Hells Angels parties.
He told me all the band members and roadie crew were issued with "Access all areas" passes that said "DON'T HIT ME TOO HARD.....I WORK FOR YOU"

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