Sunday, 2 May 2010



This is my first attempt at some semblance of a podcast.....not sure how often I will put these together so don't hold yer breath. Let me know if this has any redeeming qualities.

This particular show is focused mainly on lo-fi Garagepunk from the 90's onwards.

Here's the playlist:

1. One more letter- The Buff Medways
2. B. movie girl- The Reclusives
3. Blackout- The Carbonas
4. Break his spirit- Sexton Ming and the Diamond Gussets
5. Crash 'em down- The Rippers
6. Cry at night- The Masonics
7. Destroy your love- The Headcoats
8. Dolemite- The Rip offs
9. Don't talk to me- GG Allin
10. Dragula- The Trashwomen
11. Drowning not waving- Armitage Shanks
12. What a girl can't do- The Flakes
13.Good time- The Registrators
14.Make you pay- The Motards
15.Medway Losers- The M.B.E.'s
16. One on one- The Wildebeests
17.Test drive- The Mummies


  1. I like how you've put all the song titles, except the first one, in alphabetical order. I bet your sock drawer is really neat.
    Great tracks, too.

  2. Hey Red Torpy!!!
    Thats just the way the tracks were stacked up on my computer.....I didn't give it much thought at the time but they were in alphabetical order!!