Friday, 28 May 2010


This is Antsu, a really great guy who looked after us on our trip. He's been a friend of Fids for over 10 years. The last picture is Antsu in action and this shot is actually part of the DAVIDA MOTO PHOTO exhibition.
He's been a mainstay and innovator of the Finnish Chopper scene for 30 years, building and riding hardtails. As a result he now suffers with severe back problems, which has led to a change of lifestyle that includes a rigorous daily exersise workout on his rowing machine.
He lives in an amazing traditional wooden house, full of interesting stuff.
He owns a bunch of British/American bikes but currently his passion is J.A.P. engined projects.
He is picking up ,whenever possible, various J.A.P. engine parts and is also the proud owner of a early 50's J.A.P. grasstracker in totally original condition...I will do a post about it when I get more pictures!!
A top-notch host, a great cook with a great taste in music!

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