Wednesday, 26 May 2010

FINLAND TRIP pt.4 Petrol Circus Chopper show

The PETROL CIRCUS CHOPPER SHOW was held in a plush exhibition hall in are a few bikes I liked the look of.....

Below is a bike called THE ROCKET REDUCER after an MC5 song, this was a very unusual bike which represents the Fins radical approach to bike building. Its a VICKER-WOLSEY crank/bottom end with VOLKSWAGON BEETLE cylinders engineered to fit
below is a bike belonging to Mala, the owner of Finlands best chopper mag KOPTERI. Its called DOUBLE-MOTOCROSSER!
Found these swastika hats for sale at the show in amongst the usual Ducati, Yamaha and Repsol merchandise.......Hmmm??!!

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  1. that will be then fake repsol jacket and svastika hat.