Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sixties French 45's

Just getting to grips, with some help from Johnny Alpha, on posting Audio here on my blog. So.... just as a test, here is a half dozen top notch 60's French Freakbeat/YeYe 45's from my record collection.

The tracks are:
1.  Palladium  - Liz Brady
2.  Le temps d'y penser  - Eric St. Laurent
3. Ce maudit journal  - Ronnie Bird
4. C'est pas prudent  -Alice Dona
5. Ce fini  -Larry Greco
6. Tut tut tut  -Gillian Hills


  1. It gets better every day. Keep up the excellent work and see you soon.


  2. I've frugged myself daft over these. Zut alors!