Saturday, 13 February 2010


Here are some pictures of Duane Peters and the U.S.Bombs from at least a decade ago.This is the first time we met.It was after a poorly promoted show in Derby and the band ended up with no place to stay, so we put 'em up for a couple of days.
Duane has always been a hero of mine and  it was really great to get to know him. I think everybody concerned had a good time, we made stencil tee shirts, rode my motorcycles, ate nice food and skated the pool my company built in Stockport.
The highlight was going shopping  for breakfast with  Duane . We rode on the chopper to Kwik Save and Duane bought sausages for the band. He really freaked  out the woman on the meat counter wanting to know the difference between Cumberland and Lincolnshire sausages.
U.S. Bombs have had many line up changes over the years but this one was classic : Kerry Martinez  (guitar)
Wade Walston (bass), Johnny Two-Bags (2nd. guitar) Chip Hanna (drums) and Duane Peters (vocals).
I believe that things have gone full circle and this is once more the current line up.

Here is a link to a very recent interview with Duane. Its in 5 parts


  1. Dave I think you should loose a few front teeth. It's a good look.

  2. No way...Duane is in your kitchen making a brew!
    Did he dunk or not dunk?

  3. Unfortunatly, Duane had serious issues with cavities in his teeth (the few he has left) so any biscuits or sweet stuff was totally off limits!