Monday, 22 February 2010

"Don't tell me what to do.....N####R!" YoYo's bowl 2003

Finally figured out how to convert analog video tapes to M-pegs, so I can now host stuff on Youtube and then post it here.
Here is a short clip of Duane Peters skating my backyard pool back in 2003.We booked a Manchester show for The Hunns with my band The Stags and we put the band up. As soon as Duane saw the pool he wanted to skate but the weather was crappy. The morning after the show,it was still very cold and overcast but it had stopped raining and we got to skate for about 30 mins or so. Duane did all his trademark moves: Sweepers, Layback Roll-outs, Invert-Reverts, Acid-Drops and Tail-Tap stalls. That's me in the red hoodie putting in the odd run....we coulda done with another couple of skaters sessioning but sometimes ya gotta just take what ya can get!
The pool, named after our cat, YoYo, was home-built in summer 2002 and took just over 14 days to construct.I know its 8 years after the fact but I would like to publicly thank the following people for all their help with the build: Di and Joe Crawford, John Lee, Pike, Tim Stamp, Whitey, my Dad, Adam Wilson, Doug the Hole and Louise Crawford.
At the start of the clip I shouted out "Do a Layback Roll-out!" you can just about hear Duane reply "Don't tell me what to do...nigger!!"

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  1. So rad. Been checkin here daily.
    It was hotting up, now its gone
    ballistic, great footage.
    lovin it!