Friday, 5 February 2010

"I work in theatre...Dahh-ling!"

Just trawling through my pics on the computer, looking for something for the blog and thought I would post these.
When I get the call, I do freelance set-building for theatre and tv for a company based in Liverpool called LIVERPOOL SCENIC WORKSHOP.
They construct the lions share of  London west end theatre productions with the producers and set designers come up to visit on weekly basis.
Its great work when I get it and my ramp building skills transfer across very well. All the folks that work there are cool and creative types. Almost everyone on the payroll is either a musician or artist.
 The company owner Jason Barker used to skate in the 90's and went to Munster as a kid with Geoff Rowley.
Unfortunately, in the current climate, the phone doesn't ring as often I would like but when it's a great place to work.
I can't remember the name of this particular show, sorry

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