Saturday, 6 February 2010


Some nice shots from summer 1981, taken at Garswood slagheaps, near St. Helens. I was 16 and had just returned from a trip to California, bmx racing with Alan Woods. I had  just quit racing and was now semi-sponsored by ALANS BMX to ...."Do big jumps".
I went up to this location with a schoolmate I'd stayed in touch with, Stefan Faulkner. He didn't ride BMX but was really into photography. He took these shots.
I recently got back in touch with Stefan via Friends Re-united, and he forwarded the pictures to me. I hadn't seen these images for nearly 28 years.
When I look at these images it really does take me back to a very innocent, carefree time.I can almost smell the farmers fields that the cart track up to the riding spot cut across. I distinctly remember the feeling of total freedom,  having no responsibilities....not even the responsibility to have to go racing...which, in truth, I really wasn't that good at. 
I look very relaxed, mirror shades, short sleeves, no helmet or any safety gear.
The shots capture everything that is great about bmx to me, the sun is blazing, the dust is flying and I'm out there jammin'.......

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