Thursday, 4 February 2010

LIL'S CAFE.....Who needs the Ace??

This is Lil's Cafe, circa 1962. It was situated on the A49 between Wigan and Chorley in the N.West of England and was a renowned local biker stop-off. My dad, Trev and his mate Alan, rode up there once, but got vibed out by the 'Chaffs' (Wigan slang for ton-up boys). You see, they didn't quite possess the required amout of menace expected from a two-wheeled hoodlum. Trev describes turning up at Lil's wearing some kind of de-commissioned WW2 quilted flying suit. Unfortunately it was 5 sizes too big and the stitching was bursting open in several key places, with a strange,Scratchy, itchy, inner stuffing of unknown origin making a bid for freedom as he rode down the road. Oh yeah, and they were both wearing wellies with the top turned over, like Freddie Starr did when he impersonated Hitler.
Sensing some kind of terratorial altercation brewing, the two young lads, hurriedly gulped down their weak milky tea with 3 sugars, grabbed their lids, speedwalked past the juke box and headed out the door to the bikes in the carpark. I would like to be able to tell you about a wild-west style brawl flaring up......but I'd be making it up. They just fired up the bikes and rode off!
I bet in truth, the lads were a little self conscious and perhaps felt a little out of their depth......Lil's regulars more than likely never even gave 'em a second glance. If Trev and Alan had stayed for chips'n'egg.....who knows, perhaps they too might have joined the gang and become 'Chaffs'
This is not an actual picture from Lil's....but it does illustrate the point "Not all men are born Chaffs"

For your information, Lil's cafe is long since closed, however the original building still stands.It is now home to a caravan sales business.

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