Friday, 19 February 2010

Split Skates indoor mini ramp

This is Pete 'insomnia kid' McNiel doing a f/side smith grind on a mini ramp that I built.
This ramp was the 2nd ramp I actually got paid to build. It was situated upstairs in Split Skates Manchester in 1988. I built the ramp for the owners and on the back of that somehow ended up working there as Shop Manager. The ramp was heavily used every day for about 6 months until there was some argy-bargy between some skaters and the neighbouring businesses. People came to skate from all over and we even had Natas Kaupas and Jesse Martinez do a demo there.
When the landlord forced the shop to shut the ramp down, we hired a Luton van and relocated it at my house, where it stood for almost 14 years.

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