Thursday, 18 February 2010

I like stickers......

I am a sticker nerd. I just emptied out my sticker shoebox....I've had some of these for a really long time. Within the skateboard community, stickers were regarded as "currency".A fistful of cool stickers could get you a long way! A lot of these stickers have been given to me over the years, as a gesture of goodwill or whatever. I must admit I am not shy when it comes to asking "Give us some stickers!" I think the oldest ones I have are the BMX ones which I was given when I got to visit the 'Mr. Sticker' factory in California in 1981.The newest are the various Chris Carr related ones, which fellow Skooter Farmer 'Racin' Jason C # 99 won in an auction last year (2009) and then gave to me. Thanks very much Jason!

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