Thursday, 4 February 2010

new workshop deal ever!

Just won a sectional concrete garage on ebay for absolutely free!!
My main garage is stacked with all my bikes and I've been looking at the cheapest way of getting some more workspace to put my next bike project together. This is just great! The only thing is I gotta break it down and transport it home.....but thats OK!
Also quite a lot of hard work laying a concrete base, but once its all done, it will be a killer, secure pad.

My next build is gonna be a '79 GS 750. I was given this bike about 15 years ago.I've been planning to do this for years. When I got it, it was already mildly and very poorly chopped. I got next to no money to spend right its gonna be a ratty bobber, something I will ride in the rain, just using what I got lying around in the sheds, warts and all. Luckily, that happens to include an old CYCLE HAVEN hardtail frame with ally slab yolks and a couple of choices for tanks and wheels.

The first job will be to get the donor bike running.. it did run when I first got it but that is a real long time ago. I don't have the logbook/title but I do have a registration plate so I don't think it will be too difficult to re-register.
Next big job is gonna be sitting the engine in the hardtail frame. If I remember correctly, the frame I wanna use originally had a Kawasaki z900 motor in it so its gonna need engine lugs welding in all the right places to take the Suzuki motor. I'm also thinking of de-raking the headstock, it maybe a little stretched out for how I'd really like to see the bike look. I don't know for sure, we'll see.
Anyways, got to build the workshop first and I also need to do quite a lot of work to my flat track race bike
before the start of the season in early April!

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