Thursday, 25 February 2010

"Once you go ain't never goin' back!"

Captain Highside doesn't do things by halves. Still a bachelor, he attended Ged and Sue's wedding dressed as a black man. Now we aren't talking about just the reception...he showed up at the registrars office in full pimp garb. To tell the truth, it wasn't a standard wedding. Local boxing/ex BMX racer legend Phil 'Pitbull' Henigan was dressed as Fred Flintstone......and the wedding car was a JCB.
Good friend Bean turned up with his hair dyed peroxide blond just like me at the time and also dressed very similar.
The reception was held in the local curryhouse and as the night progressed things got messier and messier. The entertainment got going and John was up singing and dancing. People really thought that John was a coloured gentleman.....and the women were swooning around him, wanting to get into his tight, silver pants... check out the lustful look on the young lady in the last picture. By the way, that's Pitbull bopping away in his Fred Flintstone shoes with the Captain in the same shot.
After the curryhouse, the party moved to local nightclub 'Applejacks'.
It was a Saturday night and there was a huge queue outside. Fred Flintstone and Bean walked straight to the front, told the bouncers who we were, and bish-bosh, we were escorted in, much to the dismay of the clubbers patiently lining up.
We didn't stay very long, John was now really drunk but stayed fully in character. He spent much of his time in the ladies toilets with Louise, touching up his make up. Fred Flintstone and Bean were on the dancefloor and not before long, a fight broke out. Fred/Pitbull is somewhat renowned in the Chorley/Preston area as a tough guy.... he instantly layed out four lads. The bouncers were soon on the scene and unknown to us, Pitbull and Bean were gently ushered into the managers office. At the same time the four battered and dazed young lads were very roughly manhandled out of the nearest fire exit (and probably given another good kicking)
Sensing it was time to leave, we couldn't find John anywhere......trouble was brewing, the battered lads mates, who were still in the club, were on the warpath.........looking for Fred Flintstone and his peroxide blond sidekick.....who just happened to look exactly like me!
 After a few tense minutes we found John and high-tailed it out of there. The next morning we got the full story. The police were called in and Pitbull and Bean 'explained' that they were minding their own business when they got 'picked on'...the police promptly arrested the young lads and then gave Pitbull and Bean a ride home to their respective doorsteps. cheaper than a taxi! Below is a shot of me and Bean earlier in the night.

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